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I-130 interview

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Would it be wise to contact in advance the office of chief council and the local ICE supervisor in regard to an interview for a bona-fide marriage, but the alien has an order of deportation for her?. Clean record and lots of suporting evidence for an extreme hardship to a USC, how could ICE receive such a request in advance before an interview has taken place???

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Is the removal case presently on appeal?

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No, it is an old case since 2003, now they have caled us for an interview even though there is tons of documents submited to prove the 10+ year marriage is real, they are looking to introduce us to the ice,so the attorney in this case thinks it may be better to let them know we are coming and that we intend to ask for a motion to reopen...Good or bad idea???

Mary Carmen Remigio Madrid-Crost

Mary Carmen Remigio Madrid-Crost


So you have an old removall order and you did not leave? You might end up in detention. Be careful. Did you know that you had an outstanding removal order and you disregarded it? I suggest not go to ICE until you understand what is happpening. Talk to your lawyer.


No, contact them once the I-130 is approved to start negotiating a joint motion to reopen.

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The interview is scheduled because of the history of the alien with them (not really to prove the bona-fide marriage) , they (ice) very well know we are coming therefore compelling evidence is submited to seek a supervisory discretion while the office of chief council will decide if they would join in a motion to reopen. So without any steps they (ice) will show up and do their job, or on the other hand with lots of considerable evidence for a extreme hardship to a USC could help. Good aproach or not???


You cannot do that. If an alien has an order of deportation against her and an I130 was filed and an interview scheduled, the alien runs the risk of being detained. This should be considered before the filing of the I130. A motion to reopen should be filed along with a Request for Stay of Deportation along with compelling reasons for the request. Hire a lawyer.

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In Georgia, ICE Chief Counsel Office will not join you on a motion to reopen. You should have dealt with the deportation order at the same time when ou filed the I-130. If the deportation order was issued in absentia, without the presence of alien, you can file a motion based on no notice. Other than that you must deal with the deportation issue before you move forward. Becasue she have an outstanding deportation order, the alien should file a consent for permission to reapply, then wait for the provisional waiver to file, then the alien will have to leave the country. Despite of all of your steps, issuing an immigrant visa for the alien is not easy.

Good luck

Hassan Elkhalil


Hire an immigration lawyer experienced in removal proceedings now and don't risk being detained when she appears for the interview.

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