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I Got a fix ticket for not having no license plates on my car and expired registration? the reason i did because I was threat

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I got a red ticket for this but I have reason why I did this is after I was threat by gun members the officer told me after he made a report to take out from my car to protect myself while I am getting out from the place I live the other reason I did not renew my registration I was scare to go to public places around my area.
I explain this when the officer stop me when I was driving my car he told me that to fix this and then go to court and tell the judge that is fix it and explain my problem so he may lowered or dismissed the fines.
my question is can I put as defense this or what kind of defense I can explain to the judge
my day of court is in June 14 I am unemployed and have financial problems?
please If attorneys experts in traffic tickets can give an advice?

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I suggest you put the plates (both of them) on your car and go to the nearest police station or sheriff's office and have the ticket signed off as fixed. Then at court the judge will likely only charge you the correction fee, or $25 per charge. I understand you were afraid to put them on your car but I don't think that would sway the judge to let you go. I think keeping your plates off your car doesn't do anything to deter a gang member from recognizing you in that car. They would simply remember you as the person with no plates on your car.

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We offer free consultations. Ask for the end of calendar so that you have some time to talk to the judge in detail. Be Patient with the court. If you feared for your safety that might be a good defense, if properly presented. If you fear the geographic area you live in you should consider moving.

Feel free to contact us for a consultation. Iannelli & Associates, 949 729-3171 This answer does not constitute legal advice and no attorney client relationship is created. Every case has many facts which are different and distinctly theirs, make sure that you understand this is general information and it would be advisable to constact a competent lawyer for personal legal advice.

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