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Hypothetically speaking, is it possible for a municipal court chief judge to simultaneously serve as the county presiding judge?

West Orange, NJ |

This is in reference to the state of New Jersey. Could anyone point me in the direction of which laws/statutes would address this concern? An answer to the latter would be extremely facilitative. Personally speaking, I find the judiciary system to be a bit difficult to understand...

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  1. A superior court judge can sit as a municipal court judge but not via versa. The superior court judge could be the presiding municipal in fact that is so n union county. By I doubt the chief judge of the county would do double duty. Too much work.

  2. The New Jersey court system runs like this. At the top is the Supreme Court, which is tasked with rendering decisions on cases it chooses to hear and is also responsible for managing the lower courts. Beneath the Supreme Court is the Superior Court. This is broken down into the Law Division, Criminal Division, Family Division and Appellate Division. The courts are further organized into vicinages. Most of the time, a vicinage equates to a county, but there are three vicinages which encompass more than one county. For example, Gloucester, Salem and Cumberland are in one vicinage. Each vicinage has an assignment judge, who is charged with managing each of the Superior Court divisions within the vicinage, except Appellate. Within each vicinage is a municipal court division, which is not part of the Superior Court, but is under the management of the vicinage assignment judge. Within each vicinage, there is a presiding judge of each division, including municipal court. The governor appoints each judge of the Supreme Court and the Superior Court, subject to senate approval. Local municipalities appoint their municipal judges, except in combined courts, which are appointed by the governor.

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