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Husband is disturbing peace in the house by throw up bad words and cussing the wife every day? Wife can not take the abuse.

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If husband is verbally abusive, calling his wife all names in the book, very dirty name. she can not even sleep at night unless the husband is sleeping because the husband always talking loud in the house? is there something the police can do? can he be charge with spousal abused or verbal abused? what is the remedy? I know about divorce. is there any other remedy to divorce? can he get arrested to disturbing peace or

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  1. First, you do not have to take his abuse. Unless he is verbally threatening to hurt you and/or your children, you can't claim domestic violence or assault. He must touch or strike you or place you in reasonable fear of being able to do so. You should talk to a victim counselor at a women's shelter and file for a domestic violence injunction to get him out of your house. You don't have to allege anything to get a divorce in Florida. You definitely need advice before this situation becomes physical or worse. Best of luc.

  2. Lots of shelters for abused women in Miami. Check out the following link.

    Good luck.

  3. If you call the police, they might ask him to leave the house for the night. You should at a minimum contact a counseler at a domestic violence shelter. Is there any particular reason for not filing for divorce? If you file for dissolution, you can ask the court for exclusive use and possession of the marital home.

    Legal disclaimer: Ms. Braaten's answer to your question does not establish an attorney client relationship, but rather is meant to share knowledge with the general public. For specific advise on your case, you need to consult one on one with an family law attorney.

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