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Husband has 5 DUIs and he has a green card what are the chances that he might get deported

Modesto, CA |

1st 2003
2nd 2003
3rd 2007
4th 2010
5th 2013 the was going to get off of probation in October 2013

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Excellent changes of removal given his extended criminal history. He should consult an experienced immigration counsel further.

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First, I would recommend that you speak to an immigration attorney who would be in a better situation to speak to you in regards to deportation issues. I am not an immigration attorney. But they will likely want to know if any of the DUI's were felony convictions. Also, probation violations can be an issue, Habitual traffic offender issues, and whether there is a habitual alcohol problem based on all the convictions. In short, you need to speak to an immigration attorney. You may want to try re-posting your question under the Immigration practice area.

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This should be a question for his criminal defense attorney or an immigration attorney. The level of the offense is important. The repeated nature of the offenses is also something that immigration will take in to account. His family and their presence here will also be taken into consideration. Talk to his criminal defense attorney or an immigration attorney near you.


On the face of it, I would think the chances are pretty darn good that he gets deported.

That's my guess - an Immigration Law attorney can give you an informed answer. With this sort of history I suggest your husband speak to such an attorney as quickly as he can.

Give him a ride to the attorney's office.


Simple DUI's are not necessarily "crimes involving moral turpitude," which can be deportable offenses, however, multiple and/or aggravated DUI's can rise to the level of a CIMT. Please consult with an immigration attorney as soon as possible to discuss your husband's case.


A 6th dui has good chances of being charged as a felony. With his prior record they could view it as an aggravated felony. Chances are good that he could be deported. He had better meet with an immigration attorney soon.


Very. They are all within 10 yrs, which means he will be looked at as a habitual offender. Moreover, 4 & 5 are potentially both fwlonies depending on exact date of first.

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I would speak to a immigration attorney but if he has a felony DUI he is
probably not eligible to remain in the United States and at least one of
those should have been charged with a felony


With regards to simple conviction of a "DUI", your husband may not be "Removable." However, when there is a pattern of drunkard, then that creates a problem for a non-citizen and he may be placed in Removal proceedings.

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