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Hurt recently at WORK!!!

Atlanta, GA |

Back, knee, elbow & arm injury. Workers' comp just suspended my benefits after one check and their DOC saying to go back to work. In serious pain, saw 2 of their DOCS. Trying the go-back-to-work and pain is unbearble. After 2 weeks of pain was finally given pain medicine, can you believe that. I have an attorney for the past 2 wks, that doesn't let me know anything. I have a friend in another state, lawyer that has himself or the paralegal to call with the do's and don'ts. This character I have has only told me he's trying to get me with another DOC outside of workers' comp. I can drive maybe 10 mins w/o pain nothing further, which I must since their DOC says so. I have to drive my kid to daycare, WHICH IS 5 MINS AWAY. I need to know if that's ok by my atty if folks are going to TAPING.

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    You should speak directly and candidly to your atty. about your concerns. If still not satisfied, terminate him, but be aware that he may have a lien on your case for any expenses he might have already advanced on your behalf. Read
    your atty. client contract carefully before making that decision.

    Law Office of Robert G. Rothstein (Atlanta)

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  2. I have never found that my clients' complaints of a lot of pain get much sympathy from the treating docs whose goal is to get you back to work as soon as they can. Unless you have an injury to a structure in your body than can be injured further by work activities, it is unlikely that you are going to get written out of work. And the law in the other state may be a lot more friendly to your friend's needs than the law in your state, so it is not really meaningful to compare the two. Keep in contact with your lawyer and encourage him to do what he can do. But accept that he may not be able to do much to address your complaint.

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  3. I understand your frustration, especially given your pain. However, you need to speak with your attorney and develop a relationship with him or her. The law, even workers' compensation, moves slowly regardless of your pain. If you can not develop a good relationship with your attorney or you are not getting the level of service you expect, then explore other options. But be forewarned that changing attorneys midstream will likely result in more potential delays. Make sure your expectations are reasonable too, or you will just get frustrated with every attorney you hire.

    I will be glad to speak with you about the system or any questions you have, but that is really a discussion you should have with your current attorney first.

    I wish you the best. I hope your pain rapidly improves and you get appropriate medical care.


    Shawn Rhodes
    Powers and Rhodes, LLP

  4. We all work very hard to fight for our clients who are injured at work but your attorney MUST follow a procedure. In Illinois, we would be lucky to get a hearing in 45-60 days and a Decision 2 months later.

    You need to sit down with your attorney and make him explain exactly what the time frame is in Georgia for bringing an Emergency Motion. Your attorney may be guilty of NOT explaining the process but it's WAY too soon to suggest he isn't working on your problem.

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  5. I am not sure what the "taping" part of your question means. But, in our system, provided the employer follows the rules regarding the choice of physicians for you, it can be very difficult to obtain a doctor who will be more sympathetic to you. You do have a right to change doctors once without the employer/insurer's consent so you may want to talk to your attorney about that. If your attorney is trying to get a "non-panel" doctor for you, that could easily take a month or more, so you may need to be more patient.

  6. Resist the temptation to ask friends in another State what is happening with them. Every case is different especially in a State to State basis. If you have only had an attorney for 2 weeks I would not judge his performance until you can give him a bit more time to try and help you. He likely hasn't been able to see the medical reports from your treating Dr. yet. Stay in touch with him and see what he can do to help you out. If you have questions set up an appointment with him and go over those. Also, fully inform the Doctor when you find the duties of the job too hard. He may be able to limit some of the job activities if he thinks that might help you heal faster.

  7. There is nothing surprising or unique about this scenario. Sounds like you need to calm down, meet in person with your attorney, and come up with a plan.

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