Hurricane Sandy - Rental abatement?

Space 1: In rental Apt. Tues thru Monday we were gone - had no heat. We heard they turned the power back on Sunday. We had hot water but sick person in house. We do not have a lease. Do we have to pay full rent for Dec.? Other place we rent -a studio- was part way under water - literally. Landlord is pressuring for rent but we were unable to use property for 3 wks. We sublet and have a contract with the women who rents the overall space, but she has no lease with the building. She is demanding rent, but there was no elevator - i'm on 6th floor and there was no heat or water. I also had severe allergies and could not enter the bldg. when I tried. What to do?

Hoboken, NJ -

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Sandra A Joseph

Sandra A Joseph

Landlord / Tenant Lawyer - Hoboken, NJ

Is the heat back on? Yes, you have to pay for the rent for dec on space no 1. Did you ever have a lease? The provisions in the lease continue. NJ is not like rent stabilization in NYC where a LL must provide services. I think I answered your question before it depends on whether the LL hand control over providing the services. Was the studio a commerical space or another residential apt?

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