Hs 11357 b infraction with a medical marijuana card but within 1000' of a park and school. what to do ? no fine on ticket ?

just want to know what to do never go a ticket/infraction before .... there was no $$ fine anywhere on the ticket. ifs there a fine for this infraction with the medical marijuana card ?

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Christopher William Zander

Christopher William Zander

Criminal Defense Attorney - Newport Beach, CA

As of January 1, 2011, possessing no more than one ounce or 28.5 grams of marijuana...other than concentrated cannabis...is an infraction, punishable by a maximum fine of $100. This law is stated in Health & Safety Code 11357 (b).

However, if you are over 18 and possess less than one ounce of marijuana (other than concentrated cannabis) on school grounds while the school is open for classes or school-related activities, you face a misdemeanor punishable by up to ten days in a county jail and a maximum $500 fine.

And if you are under 18 and are convicted under these same circumstances, you face a maximum fine of $250 for a first offense. A second offense is punishable by up to $500 and a maximum ten-day commitment to a juvenile detention facility.

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