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How would I sue the YMCA? They sexually exploited me when I was 8 years old. not just me but about 4 to5 other kids that night.

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My brother and I were camping with the YMCA at some lodge. The power was out and it was pouring down rain so they lined us up in the gym on the floor. Camp staff tried passing time by thinking of games for us to play. It was all fun untill one of the staff said to one of the kids to go on stage and pull his pants down and show us his rear end while the staff shinned there flashlights at it and laughed. At the same time looking for some other poor helpless kid in the crowed with there lights as I hide under my covers, but it didn't work. They spot the week and picked me out and made me go on stage and do the same things. Later that night I was woke up from someone touching me and wrote something on me in permanent marker. The other 4-5 kids had something wrote on them too.

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Not my area of law, but I have re-tagged the post so that qualified attorneys can answer your question.

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Consult with a local injury lawyer asap.

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I don't practice in OR, but in CT; however, I highly suggest that you contact a highly competent personal injury attorney, as well as a criminal defense attorney to determine if you can pursue a criminal complaint. I know that it may see like too many years ago, but since I don't know how old you are, the criminal statute of limitation may not have run. Keep in mind that in many states the SOL for these types of crimes is generally longer than typical statues of limitation.

Best of Luck, and I am sorry to hear that you (and others) were so abuse.

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