How would i go about to put my name on my daughters birth certicate?

My Daughter was born in 2004 and i am currently paying child support in Tx so i am the Non Custodial parent. A Peternity test was also done a while back from the Child Support office So i know for a Fact shes my daughter cuz test did come back positive. I also have a copy of this paper for my records. When my daughter was born me and her mom were still dating and in good terms but from what i recall at the hospital i was suppose to go down stairs to fill out paper work for this but never got the chance to do so.. I guess i got busy i dont remember exacly why i couldnt go at the time.. Anyways so my question is Now how would i go about doing it Now??

Raymondville, TX -

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Karen L. Marvel

Karen L. Marvel

Child Support Lawyer - San Antonio, TX

When the court order for child support was entered it declared you as the legal father and may include language that says to add you to the birth certificate. If it doesn't you can request an amended birth certificate from the bureau of vital statistics by sending them a copy of the court order and paying a fee. Look up Texas Bureau of vital statistics on the web for directions. Good luck.

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Shelly Benet West

Shelly Benet West

Child Support Lawyer - Dallas, TX

You would contact the Bureau of Vital Statistics in Austin, and provide them with certified copy of your order determining paternity. They also have an application form that may be available online to change a birth certificate.

Your local Family District Clerk may be helpful in this regard a well. . There are lots of FAQs on my website concerning your rights as father. Good luck to you.

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