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How would I file Power of Attorney in Clark County, Nevada?

Henderson, NV |

My father is in prison in Indian Springs, NV and I need to file for Power of Attorney for him. I have what I assume is the necessary paperwork that was signed by him along with an "Under Penalty of Perjury Statement" since I was told there was no notarizing of documents in the prison. I also have a printed picture from the prison website to prove that he is in prison. I just need to know where I would go to file the paperwork and if I am on the right track?

Thank you.

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A power of attorney does not get "filed" anywhere, although they are sometimes recorded in the county recorder's office where used in connection with the transfer of real property. If the particular act requires notarization, such as a deed, then the power of attorney would also require notarization. Otherwise, it depends upon the purpose for which it will be used, and each person or entity to which or to whom it is proffered as your authority to act on your father's behalf will tell you the sort of authorization they will require. For example, what a bank requires may probably vary from what would be required to transfer ownership of a car, etc., etc. In short, if you have a specific plan or need in mind, contact that person or entity and determine their requirements first.
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Powers of Attorney are not normally 'filed' or 'recorded' anywhere. The person holding the Power(s) typically keeps the original paperwork in a safe place and produces when needed (i.e. for banking purposes, investing, real estate etc.). Good Luck !!

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Unless the POA is signed by him before a notary public and notarized OR signed by him in front of two unrelated witnesses who sign the POA as such, it's no good. When you get it properly executed, you can "file and record" it with the Clark County Recorder's Office. The regularly see and record POAs.

Good Luck,
Greg J.

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