How would i drop a pfa

its against my step mother for domestic violence

Levittown, PA -

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Marshall D. Chriswell

Marshall D. Chriswell

Family Law Attorney - Indiana, PA

If you haven't had your hearing yet -- You can show up at the hearing and request that the PFA be dismissed. The judge will ask you a litany of questions. He/she will want to know why you brought the petition in the first place, and if you still fear for your safety. The judge will be especially cautious if there are children listed as Protected Parties.

If you already have a Final Order in place, you should contact the clerk of courts to determine the best way forward. I imagine you will have to file a motion and the judge will want to hold a hearing to address the issues I set forth above.

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Charles Anthony Rick

Charles Anthony Rick

Family Law Attorney - Pottstown, PA

Just show up at the hearing and ask the Judge to dismiss it. It's actually more common than you'd think. I'd say out of every 40 people at the hearing, 3/4 work out or dismiss the PFAs.

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