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How will i know if I am already in removal proceedings? I filed vawa under abuse spouse of USC and im worried because he knew

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that i filed VAWA he is going to write to vermont/uscis about me filing for self petition. he withrew my i-485 revoke work permit and now im out of status and He divorce me. I am so worried i dont know what he wrote to immigration he's mother said he also reported me to ICE to deport me. How will i know if im removal proceedings? I have a new i-485 and i-765 base on my i-1360 which is pending will it affect my application? What is my status now? I just receive a prima facie establishment. I heard VAWA expired what is going to happen to me now. I am so afraid of my husband

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  1. You can call the executive office of immigration review and enter your A number: 1-800-898-7180. If the notice to appear has been filed with the court, the information should be available in the system.

    Have you ever received an NTA?

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  2. Just keep checking the immigration Court Information System - if you were placed in removal, it will indicate it. You just need your alien number. it is an automatic system

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  3. I agree - call the 1 800 898 7180 number and go through the prompts asking for your A#. If you are in proceedings, you will hear name spelled out along with your next court date and court location.

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  4. Is looks like you filed your I-360 and and I-485 concurrently. There is a number for VAWA that you can call to check on your case. Please call my office at 845-270-0601 to discuss this. Rochelle Inger, ESQ