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How to terminate sublease

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I am the lessor of the rental property and I am subleasing. My roommates are unhealthy (littering the house with dirty dishes and clothes and food). Not only am I tired of being a maid, but I see thier frivolous spending getting out of control and I'm worried I wont recieve my next rent or utility check. All of the furniture in the house belongs to me and they are destroying it, along with my dishes and bedroom set. If the house is not being kept up to par, as the sublease says "good condition", is there anything I can do legally to try and evict them? Or am I stuck until the end of the lease?

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First of all, you may be in violation of your own lease if you are subleasing. Many leases prohibit subleasing and/or prohibit subleasing without the consent of the landlord. That being said, are your subleases written or oral? If you have a written lease with your subtenants, absent a breach or a failure to pay rent, you cannot unilaterally terminate the lease for no reason. If you don't have written leases and your subtenants are periodic tenants, then you can provide written notice to terminate the tenancy (in most states to terminate a month to month to month tenancy, you need a minimum of 30 days).

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Our sublease is written and signed by the landlord. I also forgot to add, she is pregnant and is due in about six months. No where in the sublease (or even my lease) does it cover anything along those lines. The house we are living in right now is only a two bedroom, one bath house... Not fit for anyone elude too live he



Not fit for any one else to live here*

Brandy Ann Peeples

Brandy Ann Peeples


Unless you can construe "littering the house with clothes and dishes" some sort of breach (and that's really a stretch) of the lease agreement, you can't just evict them.

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