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How to terminate parental rights in South Carolina?

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I received papers from sc dss a few months back regarding a negotiation conference for child support for a child that I'm being claimed the natural father of. I requested in writing via certified mail a rescheduled date because I would not be in town and I also requested a paternity test. The mother waited years to now make this claim. I never got a letter stating a new date for the negotiation conference or a date for paternity testing. I come back in town and received a later stating I'm now behind in child support payments. Who do I need to contact next? Ultimately I want to voluntarily terminate rights after paternity is established and I'm found to be the father. I've had no form of contact in any way with the mother for a few years now and have no interest in establishing anything

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You need to contact an attorney that is licensed in South Carolina. In North Carolina you cannot voluntarily terminate your parental rights to avoid paying child support, I imagine the law is the same in SC. If the mother met someone that wanted to adopt the child, you could consent and that would terminate your rights. If there is already a child support order in place I would seek out a SC attorney right away. Look for someone in the county where the lawsuit was filed or, if the SC county is one near the NC border, you may be able to find an attorney in Charlotte that is licensed in SC also. You can check the North Carolina State Bar Website or google attorney referral services.

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You may want to contact Leigh Sellers in our firm, as she is licensed in both NC and SC.

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