How to terminate child support

If I put my ex boyfriend on child support but we have decided to just work things out, will the court terminate child support and income deduction order? The judge ruled on the case 6 months ago.

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Ikemesit Amajak Eyo

Ikemesit Amajak Eyo

Family Law Attorney - Atlanta, GA

Child support orders cannot be terminated unless or until either the child becomes emancipated, the child gets adopted, the non-custodial parent passes away, or the parents begin to live together. So whether your order can be terminated depends on what you mean by "working things out".

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Glen Edward Ashman

Glen Edward Ashman

Divorce / Separation Lawyer - East Point, GA

Child support must be paid up until age 18 (and sometimes 20) and income deduction orders are the preferred means to collect. It is highly unlikely a court would terminate either.

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Kedra M. Gotel

Kedra M. Gotel

Family Law Attorney - Morrow, GA

No. Terminating child support is NOT in the best interest of the child. The court is concerned with the child's interest only. Unless the parties are able to show by clear and convincing evidence how the child will be otherwise provided for, you can rest assured that child support is at least an 18 year commitment. Best of luck.

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