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How to stop ex-spouse from using court system to harass me with erroneous contempt charges? Is there way to limit his filings?

Uxbridge, MA |

I have a permanent Restraining Order. Of the last 4 contempts he tried: two were dismissed via probate, one he was held in contempt for "erroneous filing" via district & assessed restitution, this last one is now through probate again and is simply a matter of he read his orders wrong. I'm sure it will be dismissed but how do i prevent future harassment through his filings with erroneous charges, wasting my time and the courts? This former abuser feeds off this control method since he's still obsessed with me. Thanks for your consideration.

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  1. I am sorry that you are going through this. What I suggest is that you remind the court of this long history and request reimbursement for your lost time away from work and any other expenses you have. You can also ask the Court to prohibit him from filing future contempt charges unless he has Court permission. Bottom line is that you just need to keep battling him until the court "get's it".
    I wish you all the best.

  2. At the next hearing ask for fees and an order that before he can file any additional complaints or motions, the pleading must first be reviewed by a judge before being accepted for filing.

  3. You could file a Motion to be heard at the next hearing requesting costs and/or sanctions. I have seen Judges, in extreme circumstances, to enter orders that the Court will not accept further filings except by leave of Court. Be sure to have the history of alleged frivolous filings ready for the Court so that you can show the repeating pattern.

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