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I had a family friend buy a mobile home from previous owner,he paid cash.He told me at the time of purchase he wasn't able to title,register or insure the home with no s.s.#.I offered to title ,register and insure in my name with the understanding he had 6 months to find an alternitive method.I was lead to believe my name was in the process of being removed as he had found a company that would allow him to do so.He was recently incarcerate and I found my name had not been removed and that upon further invrstigation it is behind in taxes and lot rent.what can i do to remove my name from the title and be certain that i will not be charged for any acrueing debt from the home.

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I'm not sure what's going on here and how this family friend could not have a social security number. Also not sure how he could buy the home with existing debt such as rent and taxes.
This is why it's never wise to put your name on something for anyone else. If the family friend is still unable to take title, you're not going to be able to deed it to him.

In general if the home was bought in cash, there should be equity in it, and it seems if you needed to you could mortgage the home to get money to pay for the accrued debts.

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Thanks for the reply,he doesn't have a s.s.# because he is an illegal immigrant,the taxes became late after the fact that he bought it(around$100).


This is the very high risk that you run when you trust in someone who is not accountable or reliable. You cannot simply remove your name from a titled mobile home. You can sign the title over to him and have him record it or you can sell it to someone else. Hopefully, you did not sign the lot rental agreement because you'd be on the hook for that no matter what.

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Thank you for the reply,I did honestly think i could trust him.I have known him for 15 years and never had a problem.My question is,sisnce he has no social security number can it even be signed over to him?If I chose to evict him,(since I have no idea how long he is in jail how long do i have to give him?Do I need a lawyer to do so?p.s I never signed a lot agreement.

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