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How to register child custody order where both parents no longer live in the original state order came from and modify support?

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Living in VA for year and want to register order from Swansboro, NC. NCP moved to Texas a year ago. Visits child every month. Can we register the order in VA or do we have to ask NC to release jurisdiction? What is our chance to modify 8 year old support order ?Husband our main provider for last 3 years was injured and is forced to retire. Do we have to go back to the original state (GA)where that child support order came from? The NC order never modified the child support just changed visits. We're living on savings and I took any job to support us till i get one in my field. NCP refuses to pay other expenses in original support order for child. Filing contempt charges was useless. Child 12, badly need braces and glasses and expenses skyrocketing, Is there hope if no attorney?

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You can domestic the NC and/or GA order in Virginia and if NC/GA has no further contacts with any of the Parties, VA can modify the order. I would visit the local office of the Division of Child Support Enforcement to seek their free assistance.

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You may file the order here in Virginia. Contact a local child custody/family law attorney to assist you.

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Thank you so much for your advise counsel. It helps to know what to do as we are new here. Appreciate the time you took to respond quickly. Were just desperate.

Anneshia Miller Grant

Anneshia Miller Grant


Thank you. Be sure to make "Best Answer" or "helpful". Good luck to you.


You should not have any problem based on the info provided to file the order in the Virginia courts. You won't have to expense alot of attorney fees to get the order domesticated.

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