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How to process appear by phone request for my court date in Santa Clara Court CA?

San Jose, CA |

I'm in China right now and my court date is Sept. 25. How to process the request in Court to ask appear by phone?

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Call CourtCall. They can advise you further. I assume this is for a civil matter and the judge allows telephone appearances.

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I use a company called AppearByPhone. They are so affordable and convenient and their customer service is exceptional. Using this company really reduces the stress of our busy court schedules and saves me and my clients hundreds of dollars. I would for sure check into


If this is a criminal case appearance, most courts will not allow you to appear by phone. If is is a felony case and the court has not granted PC 977 authority, your personal appearance is required. In most misdemeanor cases that are not domestic violence or involve child abuse, an attorney can appear for you under PC 977 authority. If your case is a misdemeanor, hire an attorney to make the appearance for you and at least get a continuance.

Most family courts will allow you to appear by phone. I do not know if general civil courts will allow you appear by phone or not. You may want to post your question under a different heading if this is a civil case.



Thanks! This is family court case,

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