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How to prepare for child custody and visitation mediation?

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I have 2 kids. A girl 3 and boy 9months. My ex and I are not married. He is an alcoholic and was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in the past and not on medication. I do not want him to keep the kids alone. I don't trust him to take care of them. He also has a criminal record and is a felon. I just want to know how I can make sure my kids are safe but still can see him?

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You guys need a custody and visitation order pronto. You can put in provisions that he to not have the children if he isn't sober and can require that visitation be supervised until he gets himself clean and/or compliant with medication.
Contact a local attorney for more information. You can also file petitions for custody and visitation on your own at your local Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court clerk's office.

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I agree with Mr. Jimison's answer but would add that you really should have an attorney prepare any agreement or order that you may come up with. While you can file the necessary petitions on your own, I would NOT recommend proceeding without an attorney.

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Your best preparation will be to contact a local attorney. All of the facts you mentioned will be relevant in determining the appropriate child custody and visitation arrangement.

Good luck.

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