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How to plea on my arraingment for first dui?

Reno, NV |

this is my first dui and i'm not shure how to plea at my arranigment.
but i do want to get this mess over with so i can move on.

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You haven't provided much information but many courts will not let you plead guilty without speaking to an attorney, particularly if there is the possibility of jail time. I would think it would be in your best interest to speak to an attorney prior to your arraignement so that you are full aware of the potential consequences you face. An example of a consequence would be that yo would be barred from traveling to Canada unless you got the approval of the Canadian governement before hand. Other consequences might be related to your employability with a DUI conviction. Perhaps there is even a defense to your case so I would suggest you contact a local attorney who can full apprise you of what your situation is. A good place to look for an experienced DUI attorney is at the National College for DUI Defense website(NCDD).

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I agree with the first answer.

Additionally, if you do not have time to consult with an attorney between now and your arraignment, then may I suggest you stand mute and ask the court to enter a plea or pleas of not guilty on your behalf. If you enter a plea (guilty or not guilty), you admit the court has jurisdiction over you; and you lose your right to challenge jurisdiction at a later date.

That being said, have I ever challenged a court's jurisdiction? Not yet. But, why waive your rights if you do not have to?

To stand mute, you simply tell the court you are standing mute and ask it to enter pleas of not guilty on your behalf.

Good luck!

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Initially, I agree with the first responder - you need to hire a DUI lawyer to protect your rights. The NCDD website is a great place to start ( Walter Fey is a great DUI attorney in Northern Nevada. I practice in Southern Nevada, not Northern Nevada so the below response is more of a generalized answer of your question based on my practice in Vegas. If you do not have time to hire an attorney, I would just show at your arraignment, advise the judge that you are in the process of retaining a lawyer and ask that your arraignment be continued - this happens regularly in Las Vegas courts. If your arraignment has already been continued and the Judge refuses to kick it out anymore, then I would enter a not guilty plea. The State (or City if you are being charged in a municipal court) will provide you with the evidence against you. You should immediately take this to a lawyer to determine whether you have any defenses. I would suggest having a little more patience with the case as well (if you hire a lawyer, he or she will pretty much handle everything for you anyway). Besides, even if you were to plead guilty at your arraignment and be sentenced right then, DUI sentences typically last 6 months to a year (DUI school, "stay out of trouble" requirement, case "submittals," etc.) so it is not as if it would be concluded immediately anyway. Good luck.

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