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How to obtain a warrant for back child support in Arizona?

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I have a court order for child support from San Diego County in California. My daughter and I moved back home to IL in 2006 so they are now the "enforcers" of the order through the IL Child Support Agency. Her father moved from California to Phoenix, AZ. However besides one wage garnishment that lasted 3 months until he quit neither state is doing anything. He currently owes over $110,000 in arrears and hasn't made a payment since 5/2012. How can I get an arrest warrant served as AZ said they only enforce their own county orders?

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I suggest attempting to register the California order in Arizona and trying to get enforcement services from there to get after him. You can't just obtain a warrant for his arrest.

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How do I register it in AZ without being there? is that possible?

Matthew Thomas Majeski

Matthew Thomas Majeski


You may need to contact an Arizona attorney to help you with it. I'm not sure of the exact process there.


There are a couple of different ways to enforce your order. You can request from Illinois that it ask the State of Arizona to go after him. This is a long slow process. You can seek enforcement in Illinois but that state can only enter orders that are not really enforceable beyond its borders. You can domesticate the San Diego child support order in Arizona and start an enforcement case here. This is the best way to go after him epically if you know where he is in Arizona. To domesticate the San Digo Order in Arizona you will need a certified copy of the most recent child support order so that it may be domesticated in Arizona. You can order a certified copy fom the clerk of the court for the cout that ordered the child support. You should contact an attorney in Arizona if you decide to precede to enforce the order in Arizona.

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