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How to move for vital Med Care to specialist's city if I've no $? There is DomViolence/PD Misconduct/Abuse involved.

Orange, CA |

I have a specialized neurobiopsychiatric medical condition & form of Anemia that's terminal w/o meds. I had an MD of 8 yrs. who abandoned me b/c his wife discovered the "unorthodox" nature of our relationship. This meant a forced move to family's home where specialized treatment I need/was getting is non-existent. Former MD placed false info on my records thus work/insurance/meds/SSA were lost & care/safety/advocate/rep not possible. Prior to these events I'd been very successful & getting healthier in city I wish to return to. Tho StepFather & PD friends continue to create conditions so I can be confined/institutionalized (confirmed.) I was surviving via underground MD who is no longer willing to help b/c of risks to his practice if my issue becomes legal. I'll die w/o meds/care. Help?!

Attorney Answers 3

  1. If you suspect someone of a crime, you need to call the police. If you have a medical condition which requires treatment, go to the hosptial or call 911. A law suit is not going to get you medical treatment right away, and will not solve all of your problems.

    There are 1 million doctors in the United States. Find another one, and don't get in to an "unorthodox" relationship with them this time.

  2. If you have evidence of the commission of a crime, bring that evidence to the police.

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