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How to move for vital Med Care to specialist's city if I've no $? There is DomViolence/PD Misconduct/Abuse involved.

Orange, CA |

I have a specialized neurobiopsychiatric medical condition & form of Anemia that's terminal w/o meds. I had an MD of 8 yrs. who abandoned me b/c his wife discovered the "unorthodox" nature of our relationship. This meant a forced move to family's home where specialized treatment I need/was getting is non-existent. Former MD placed false info on my records thus work/insurance/meds/SSA were lost & care/safety/advocate/rep not possible. Prior to these events I'd been very successful & getting healthier in city I wish to return to. Tho StepFather & PD friends continue to create conditions so I can be confined/institutionalized (confirmed.) I was surviving via underground MD who is no longer willing to help b/c of risks to his practice if my issue becomes legal. I'll die w/o meds/care. Help?!

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  1. If you suspect someone of a crime, you need to call the police. If you have a medical condition which requires treatment, go to the hosptial or call 911. A law suit is not going to get you medical treatment right away, and will not solve all of your problems.

    There are 1 million doctors in the United States. Find another one, and don't get in to an "unorthodox" relationship with them this time.

  2. Report it to the police.

  3. If you have evidence of the commission of a crime, bring that evidence to the police.

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