How to keep record clean? Foolishly paid a traffic ticket.

Asked over 1 year ago - Lewisville, TX

Got ticket for expired inspection sticker (court website said cannot be remedied just by getting new sticker, if sticker is over 60 days expired-which mine was). So I paid it online. Anything I can do to not have Class C Misdemeanor for the rest of my life? Oh, and I was pulled over the very next week and got same ticket again, before I renewed my sticker. Should probably go to court for that one?

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    Answered . It is a citation with no real consequences, except of course the consequence to your wallet. It is a non-moving violation. No one is going to judge you because you have a conviction for expired registration. As long as you renewed you registration within a few days of getting the ticket, the prosecuting attorney will likely take it under consideration and has the authority to dismiss it. Tell them about the one that you already paid. It does not hurt to ask for a dismissal. Good luck.

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    Answered . You should find an attorney and see what options you have to fight the ticket.

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    Answered . Depending on your state expungement may be an option, but you may want to look at maybe some version of a motion to withdraw your guilty plea. Local attorney will guide you better.

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