How to have my adult child medically unfit for his own safety he is also on ssi disability for mental health issues he resides i

he has on and off tried suicide for last 12 yrs he has stage 4 liver cancer something with his packeris and today found out he have a bunch of brain tumors half canceries some not biggest one is 9mm big they want to put him in hospice nursing care facility hes fight against it cause he cant control his own meds and don't want a feeding tube he took a months worth of morphen in 6 days the hospital keeps letting him go home to not eat and over medicate himself. what are my options as his dad he is not married has a minor child (lives with him mom) no relationship with his adult son for years.

Red Wing, MN -

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Julie M Pawluk

Julie M Pawluk

Family Law Attorney - New Brighton, MN

I agree with the other answer---you may want to bring a Petition to the Probate Court to be appointed as his guardian and/or conservator. You might also want to pursue a mental health commitment for him. Either way, it is a complex area, and I suggest that you retain legal counsel to help you decide how to proceed.

Robert J Adams Jr.

Robert J Adams Jr.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney - Chicago, IL

You can go into Probate Court to seek to establish yourself as Guardian of the Person and Guardian of the his property.

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