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How to handle harrassment

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I have been harrassed by my fiances soon to be ex-wife for months. She generally sends a text message or an email. But this week she emailed some executives at my place of employment saying she had information about me that could damage the company. She has text my fiance threatening to file false child molestation charges against me and has filed a false protective order in the past against my fiance and named me in it. Saying I came over and said i was going to kill her. thank God I had proof of my whereabouts that day. Anyway, I was honest and filled out a protective order after the emails to my employer..but was denied because I wouldnt lie and say she threatened my life. This is harrassment. I am miserable and not sure what to do.

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You need to see a local attorney. There are several possibilities that come to mind. First is to see whether her conduct violates any local criminal statutes. For example, she might be guilty of making "terroristic threats" depending upon the statute that exists in your area. If so, you could possibly seek a warrant for her arrest and that might discourage the behavior. Another possibility would be to sue for libel (written slander) or defamation given the false information she is spreading about you to your employer. Finally, on a practical note, you may wish to block her phone number or change your cell phone number to decrease her ability to contact you in a malicious manner. Good luck!


You might want to pay a lawyer a couple hundred bucks to send her a letter threatening a lawsuit if this is not stopped immediately.

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John K Lassen

John K Lassen


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There seems to be a lot going on here, and clearly difficult for you to fully describe in this question. In several parts, it sounds like you have a situation that warrants you reporting their behavior to the police yourself. It is also possible that as they report your alleged behavior to the police that you could potentially face some charges.
If this were to happen, or even in preparation for the possibility, it may be important to consult a defense attorney that can do the proper research and discovery to prove that you are not actually committing the offenses that they are accusing you of.
I have a good bit of experience handling cases where an ex and their current significant other will choose to report false claims against someone just out of spite. Its a very trying situation to have to deal with.

If you need to talk to someone with experience, my information is listed in my profile.

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