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How to get sex offender charge dropped or reduced?

Rockford, IL |

i was charged with sexual abuse. i was 24. she was 14. it was consensual. sat in jail a year. on probation now. registerd for life. attorney didnt do nothng. nor did the pd. i read its a defense if the accused reasonably believed the victim to be 17 or older. i have witnesses. saved txts. victims myspace/facebook page printd out sayin shes 18 yet nobody cares to help me. i appeald my case when i got out cuz i have a 3yr old son i was told i couldnt see til hes 18. they made me drop the appeal to see him so i did. i cant live like this as a sex offender. what can i do? please help...

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Since you are on probation, you were either convicted after trial or pleaded guilty to one or more charges. You then appealed your conviction but abandoned your appeal. There are no other avenues available to set aside your conviction. It no longer matters legally whether there are facts on which you could have believed the victim was of age. You can consult with a local criminal defense attorney to find out if you are eligible to request a modification of any of the terms and conditions of your probation. Your best course at this point is to find a skilled mental health counselor who can help you find ways to cope with circumstances that you cannot now change.

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thanks for the reply but not the answers i was hoping for. looks like im just screwed for life huh. & im currently goin to the mathers clinic but its pointless. i sit ina room for 2hrs listening to real offenders ramble on bout irrelevant bs & stare at me like im some eye candy. the counsclor rarely speaks to us so i never speak. i had hope there was some way to fix this mess but now im a bit more depressed. im prayn my son isnt ashamed or embarrassed to have me as his dad. the good thing is im still tryn to stay positive & stay in his life but things are gona be so difficult as he gets older. idk wat to do im scared to even be on here cuz i dont wana violate my registration & go to prison. idk wat sites im not allowed on other then myspace/facebook. im just so confussed & misjudged. is there anywhere i could move to when im off probation where i wont have to register or where i can start life over & attempt to be happy again cuz here in illinois it sucks so bad & bein labeled as a sex offender makes it a million times worse. is there no way to get this life sentence reduced with good behavior & no more offenses? this is my 1st serious charge & they gave me life as a sexual preditor all cuz some girl lied about her age. this isnt fair at all. my life is ruined now & idk wat to do nemore...


If you thought you had a defense, you should have taken it to trial. Now, like the mark of Cain, you have to live with it for the rest of your life.

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The Post-Conviction Hearing Act may provide a remedy for you if you believe your constitutional rights were violated. However, there are strict time restrictions within which you must file your first stage petition alleging the constitutional violations. There may be other restrictions such as whether you are actually imprisoned or not. You should do a little research under 725 ILCS 5/122-1.

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