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How to get dwi dropped or reduced just moved and have been under a lot of stress without jail time need to work and go to school

Jacksonville, NC |

I have dwi, fail to stop at steady red light and civil revocation dr lic

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  1. You need to hire an attorney to help you through this. I recommend you contact Bill Powers, his information is in the link below. Good luck!

    This information is for educational purposes only and is not intended to form a client/lawyer relationship. You can contact me for a limited telephone consultation or an email consultation at my website,, which is listed below. In addition to operating my own firm, I also work for North Carolina Prisoner Legal Services, Inc., a non-profit law firm which exists to protect the rights of prisoners in the custody of the state of North Carolina. If a loved one is in prison in North Carolina, advise the inmate that they may write to North Carolina Prisoner Legal Services, Inc. NCPLS will review their case at no cost and will litigate at no cost to the inmate if the case meets NCPLS' standards. NCPLS can also provide some assistance to inmates seeking to represent themselves. I am also available for cases that do not deal with inmates incarcerated in North Carolina's jails and prisons.

  2. Hire the best lawyer you can and don't get any new charges in the meantime. Check this website for lawyers who handle DWIs in your area. Good luck.

  3. You will not get a DWI charge dropped or reduced. In North Carolina, a DWI charge is not something you can handle yourself. DWI cases are complex and a conviction carries serious consequences. I strongly urge you to hire a DWI defense attorney in your county to represent you and guide you through the process. Good luck to you.

    <a href="">Fred Amos</a> provides legal representation in both Wake County and Durham County, North Carolina. Any answer provided through this discussion board is a general response to the question and NOT intended as legal advice. Responding to this question does not constitute an attorney-client relationship. Always seek the advice of a lawyer directly to address your specific circumstances. Free consultation and flexible payment plans for <a href="">DWI's</a>. Call 919-803-7208.

  4. If everything was done properly and you blew .08 or above, your odds of getting the case dismissed or even reduced to a lesser offense are slim and none. There needs to be some defect in the way your case was handled in order for the District Attorney to even consider dismissal or reduction. This is why you need an attorney because you will have no idea if your case has problems that could result in dismissal or reduction. Also, DWI charges have time sensitive elements. For example if want to be driving again ASAP then there are hoops you need to start jumping through immediately an experienced attorney can guide you through all of that. There are a number of good firms in Jacksonville, including ours, that can assist you. In choosing the firm for you, the cost involved is an important factor so call around and compare fees. Despite what some attorney's may tell you - there is no reason for your legal fees to be in the thousands. Especially if a through investigation into your case reveals that your best option is to plead guilty.

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