How to get a replacement Work Authorization Card if USCIS sent it to the wrong address?

Asked over 1 year ago - San Jose, CA

Hello. I have been waiting for my work permit for 3 months. On Sept 23rd I called USCIS and made a service request because I had gotten no answer. I clarified my new address at that time and the representative read my address back. A few days later I finally got approved (saw on website). But they sent the card to the wrong (old address) and it got lost. USCIS tells me the address I provided when I called on Sept 23rd was not an "official" change of address so they only had it for the service request. They tell me I have to pay again, do fingerprints again and wait 3 months again to get a new card. It sounds to me this was their fault. What can I do?

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    Answered . Anytime you change your address, you re required to file and AR-11, which you may do online or via US mail. You may waste a lot of time trying to fight the system. It will be less costly to just pay another fee than to fight the system.

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    Answered . Anyone could make a mistake, even with a simple address chance. If your EAD was delivered to the incorrect address, assemble another EAD form marking "lost" with all the requisite proofs and file with a Request to waive a fee available on the USCIS site.

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    Answered . I'm assuming you did not seek mail forwarding service. In any case, if USCIS mailed the EAD to the address on file, they will not issue you a duplicate without you paying the filing fees.

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    Answered . That is correct, you need to change your address by filing form AR-11. As such, you need to pay again and file a new application.

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    Answered . Make an appointment with an immigration lawyer to review all of your paper work and situation. If you don't already have a lawyer, see the link below for the American Immigration Lawyers Association to help you find one.

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