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How to get a plea bargain for 5 point ticket?

Medford, NJ |

I was driving 60 in a 35 mph and got a 5 point speeding ticket. I would like to pay the $400 plea bargain how can I do this? What do I say to the prosecutor to give me this plea bargain?

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  1. A five-point downgrade is not going to happen without an attorney. But frankly I don't think a five point downgrade is going to happen even with an attorney. However going twice the legal limit, you may be looking at a suspension. That will largely depend on your driving record.

  2. This is a 4-point speeding ticket (15-29 mph over limit), not 5-points - see NJ MVC point schedule here:

    The Prosecutor might look at your driving record (your history will be accessible to the Prosecutor, you should obtain your complete history from NJ MVC), your age (younger defendants might have a more difficult time going from a 4 to 0 point ticket), the area where the speed occurred (was there a lot of traffic, were there pedestrians around, etc.), and whether you were respectful or disrespectful with the officer. You might be able to handle this on your own. Your best bet, however, is to hire a seasoned and respected attorney in the area - the alleged speed is not crazy-high, but it is up there. You have to weigh everything out, including of course, the cost of having a lawyer and the benefit of trying to best avoid the points. You might be able to find a good lawyer who does a lot of work in Medford at a cost that makes sense for you. Good Luck.

  3. It all depends on the circumstances, and you can not force the prosecutor to agree to a downgrade. In part it may depend on your previous driving record. If you are near suspension, or have issues in the past, it is especially important that you use an attorney for this - and it also will give you a better chance of a downgrade in my opinion.

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  4. You need to retain an attorney to help you on this. As a formeer municipal prosecutor in over 20 towns I can tel you that it is very unlikely that the prosecutor will consider anything other than susending your license if you go it alone. Hire an expreienced municipal court attorney promptly.

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  5. You need an attorney for a chance to negotiate a five-point downgrade. You could get it but your attorney has to be good, and maybe politically connected. I have done this for clients.
    You may be looking at a suspension given the speed, at the Judges discretion. Lawyer-up

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  6. First of all 60 in a 35 is not 5 points. The break between 4 and 5 is 29 mph over. But you likely cannot get a 4 point reduction without an attorney. Not all judges will allow a 4 point reductuion even with an attorney.

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