How to get a name off of a title in a different state than it is titled in?

Asked over 2 years ago - Rocky Mount, NC

I recently moved to NC from NY and I need to register my car. My ex-girlfriends father's name is on the title because he cosigned for me years ago. I have not had contact with my ex or her family since the breakup and I would not even know how to get a hold of them, but nonetheless his name is on my title and the DMV here tells me that I can't register the car without his permission. I was wondering if there is anyway that I can get his name removed from the title without his signature or if there is a way for me to register my car?

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  1. Answered . You are contacting the wrong DMV. Contact the one who issued title they may find him. Contact secretary of state police in jurisdiction that issued title they will help you find him. With out getting him to waive interest you will need a lawyer to file a suit to quiet title. I hoped I helped you.

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