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How to get a judgement removed from my property if its for someone with same name wrong person though

Saint Louis, MO |

i found out about 2 judgements that were attached to my property and went to look further to see from whom, one is from a landlord for back rent and the other a health careers school both were for someone with the same name as me that lived in a city where i have also lived. i never attended this school nor have i ever lived at the address where the landlord is suing her for rent. how do i get this removed from my property

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1. The easy way: accumulate proof of identity and how you are not the same as the party against whom the judgment was taken. Meet with the attorney representing the plaintiff in each case and discuss his filing a Release of Judgment Lien against your particular real estate. You will need to get him the legal description and address of each.
2. More difficult way failing #1 above - you will have to file a suit "to quiet title":

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