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How to get a drivers license suspension lifted

Johnstown, PA |

I recieved 3 DUIs in Pennsylvania all in one week. This was in 2004 and I recieved a license suspension of 11 years. I was 18 at the time so I got hit for underage drinking as well which probably added years on. Is there a way to get my license back sooner? I have heard that if I agree to never drive in PA again they can lift my suspension? Also about 4 years ago a officer told me he could talk to the DMV and get my license back if I was willing to basically set people up which I would never do. So is there a way to go about it the honest way. I am currently a Florida resident.

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You are in a tough situation. There is no state that will lift a suspension if you agree never to drive there again. If they lifted the suspension you could get a license in another state and then drive in the original state on that license.

You need to talk to an experienced PA DUI lawyer. That lawyer should be able to answer your question right away, with no cost unless you hire them to do something. See the link below.


You need to go online and get your Pennsylvania driving record and a restoration requirements letter. Go to PennDot's website and see how to get these. They will tell you when Pennsylvania will restore your right to drive. All costs have to be paid and a restoration fee. You can get the record for $10.00 and the restoration letter for free.

Get these and call a Pennsylvania Lawyer.

Being out of state make this even more complicated.

If you return to PA you may qualify for a probationary limited license after 7 years of suspension and 7 years from your last DUI. Read about this (the PLL) on PennDot's website.

There is nothing the cop could do to get your Pa license back. Pennsylvania does not have promise not to drive deal. They do have a form the acknowledges the suspension which you might need to send it.

If you are out of state you have to wait until PennDot says you can drive. If you return to PA you may get a limited license until the suspension runs out.

Good luck.

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