How to find store who cashed my stolen refund check and locate the criminal who took it out of my mailbox and forged my name?

Asked almost 3 years ago - Hickory, NC

Need to find criminal who stole my check from my mailbox and cashed it at a convenience store. Bank fraud department states they can only see limited imaging information on the back of the check but somehow they know it was cashed at a store but do not have the store's banking institution/routing number. How can that be?Doesn't every store have a bank deposit account to put their checks and isn't that who actually submitted the check for payment;the store's bank? How do they not know which bank and store checking account the check came from for payment?How do I find out the name of the store which isn't clear on the image and also trace this check another step further to the proper bank account so the police and I can find the criminal and charge them for the forgery, larceny and uttering?

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    Answered . What is your plan? What are you going to do if you catch the thief? Law enforcement is best left to professionals. Of course, the bank has information that they are not sharing with you. You do not have a right to it. They will share that information with the police and the police will know how to find the thief (if anyone can), how to charge him/her with the appropriate crimes, and how to prepare a report for the District Attorney so that the prosecution can be properly handled. This is not a place for amateurs. I urge you to involve the police and let them do their job.

  2. Suzanne R. Begnoche

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    Answered . A person whose property has been stolen should make a police report. Law enforcement will be better able to investigate a check theft/check fraud crime.

    Additionally, because most businesses require some identification to cash a check, the person who cashed the check may have used the victim's identity. This suggests the person may have some of the personally identifying information about the victim beyond just the name. The victim would thus be wise to take steps to protect himself or herself against possible further identity theft. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) provides and excellent guide to the steps the victim should take to safeguard the credit report. You can read the FTC guide at this link:

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  3. Ralph Erskine Stevenson III

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    Answered . It seems as if you are doing detective work more suited to a police investigation. If you have not already made a formal complaint to law enforcement, you should do so as soon as possible.
    I would also recommend retaining a local attorney to assist you in this endeavor.

    Good Luck.

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