How to find out if I am divorced and get my divorce certificate?

Asked almost 3 years ago - Atlantic City, NJ

I got married in 2003 in state of Georgia. A year later my wife left and I received divorced papers from state of Alabama(don,t remember the city). I signed them and sent them back. I never received any other mail or divorced certificate. How I can find out if I am divorced ? Now i live in NJ.

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  1. David Perry Davis

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    Answered . I'd start here - . They should be able to look up your name in the statewide system, then direct you to the county where your divorce was entered, who can probably instruct you on how to get a certified copy. If it's like NJ, it'll probably involve writing a letter and sending a $5 fee (or whatever) for a certified / gold seal copy.

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  2. John B. D'Alessandro

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    Answered . May I also suggest that you contact your ex-wife and request a copy that she has. With the information you obtain from those copies you can then follow the previous contributor's suggestion and obtain an exemplified copy from the Court. I know in New Jersey in uncontested cases the other party is still entitled to a Divorce Judgment with the Court's seal.
    Good Luck.

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  3. Eric Zev Reimer

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    Answered . They will be on file with the clerk in the court in the county in alabama in which the papers were filed. If you remember where your wife lived in AL, you can just google the county, call the supreme court clerk's office to get your info. Obviously, if you can get the "case number" for the divorce from your records or from your wife, that will expedite the process. Lots of luck, ERic

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  4. Karen Suzette Lindholdt

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    Answered . If you could remember the name of the County where you filed for divorce in Alabama, it would be very easy to find these records. You would simply need to call the Clerk's Office for that particular County in Alabama, and give the clerk your full name and date of birth. If you can't recall the specific County where the divorce took place, you may be able to locate the information on a statewide computer database. Most states maintain a legal database that allows people to find cases by typing in their full names and date of birth. You could possibly start with a County Clerk's Office in the region where you believe the divorce may have been filed. The Clerk's office may be able to give you some suggestions for statewide electronic databases that you could check. Also, you could always hire a lawyer in Alabama who could locate this information for you.

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