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How to find court records if charges were dismissed?

Charlotte, NC |

I am looking for information on a case from 2008 in NC. The charges against the person were dismissed. Is there any way of locating the information on this case?

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You could call the Clerk of Court in the county in which they were charged and ask them to search the NC database by the person's name. Alternatively, they have computer terminals at the courthouse. If the charges were dismissed the verdict will be listed as "VD."

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The courthouse will maintain records of all cases that were handled there, so they will have the records even of cases that were dismissed. As previously suggested, you can call the clerk of court or go yourself and use their public information terminals at the courthouse. You did not mention what type of information you are seeking. The computer record will contain only very minimal information about the charge, relevant dates, and the disposition. If you need more detail (such as exactly what the warrant alleged) then you will likely have to look at the court file. It is also public record but you would have to ask the clerks to pull it for you in person. Note that if this case was expunged after the dismissal then there will not be any records of it at the courthouse.

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Ask for a certified copy of the warrant of arrest from the clerk of court.

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Yes, identify the county wherein the person was originally charged. So long as the charge was not expunged (removed without a trace except for internal law enforcement) you should be able to call the Clerk of Court's office of that particular county and give the Defendant's name for them to look up the 2008 case over the phone. Be sure to have the correct spelling of his or her name.

Happy searching! Best wishes and be sure to enjoy your New Year!

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