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How to file charges against a con artist who used my freinds credit cards,to purchase various items,then sold the items.

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We want to file charges aganist a ex-con turned con artist and thief. My freind was kind enough to help this con and as a result, was ruined financily. This jerk would go on E-Bay buying various big ticket items-i.e cars, bikes, motorcycles, ect, ect., using my frends credit cards. He would promise my freind how big of a profit he could make for him, and what a good deal he is getting. Without my friends knowledge he would then sell these great profit items and pocket every dime he could. Not only did he misuse my freinds credit cards for his greed but he stoled persnal items as well, such as his navy ring, a diamond ring,pistols, collecter coins, to many items to list. We think this jerk, bilked him out of $100,000.00 easy.This was suppose to be his retirement . He is 72.

Thank You so much for your info. This con has also stolen my friends dell lap top computer which to our knowledge he still has. Plus a new program that was bought with the computer, worth 200.00. How can we obtain the computer as soon as possible? The computer was top of the line,$1200.00, at least. My friend has the I.D # for the computer as well as the receipts. We"re afraid that he will sell it or he already has for drug $$. Also how much time would he be looking at, if he is found guilty, which I"m sure he will be . Thank You!!!!

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You will need to go to the local law enforcement with all the evidence you can get, bills, etc. The suspect who may be under community supervision ( parol) will have a tougher time with a prior conviction. Remember to write out a timeline for all the acts you know about and make a complaint at the nearest police or sheriff's station.

Good Luck

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