How to file a complaint against DA and public defender

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would like to get more information about filling a complaint against the public defender and DA currently assigned to my case. i have kind of been feeling lately my case being treated unfairly many un returned phone calls and running me in circles, assigned me attorney that refuses to represent members of my family! which could be understandable. we had pre-trial and agreed to terms on the case which would happen aslong as i did my part! (which i have had no problem doing! do crime do time) but now my attorney tells me that even though i have did my part the terms we agreed to no longer stands any ground. i asked my attorney for copy of the charges and he immediatly got very angry told me "he didnt know who the f^%k i thought i was" etc... however much more profanity???

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  1. Answered . You can complain to the Public Defender's Office and to the elected District Attorney, Mr. Ozanne, but you'll need to articulate your complaint much more thoroughly than here.

    The PD does not represent your family, but you. He/she is very busy and has to prioritize work to get the best result for the client. Sit down and talk, calmly, with your PD. In Wisconsin you have the right to change appointed counsel, once, with leave of the judge. I do not recommend doing this.

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    Answered . Nothing in what you have written here will support a complaint against your attorney for unprofessional conduct. Your attorney is not obligated to represent members of your family -- and, as a public defender, your attorney may not do so unless appointed to represent by the court. And there may be legal reasons why the public defender cannot be appointed for any of your family members.

    And the DA? You want to complain about the DA for what? Because you "have kind of been feeling lately my case being treated unfairly." My friend, the DA is not the place where you get your fairness. The DA is the prosecution -- the one who is trying to put you in jail. And complaints for professional misconduct need to be based on something more credible than you "feeling" things haven't been "fair" lately.

    As for the profanity, I am not surprised. Your attitude would certainly account for that.

    You won't help yourself or your case by complaining about these attorneys. Just so you know.

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