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How to expunge your criminal history.

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First offense for a 20yrs. He completed deferred prosecution successfully (received notice from State). Acting attorney indicates he will have to pay an additional $2000 to have his record expunged. The young man wants to finish his degree and move into medicine. Is there a way to have it expunged without an attorney and cost?

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He can certainly find attorneys to expunge for cheaper than that. My firm handles these matters and offers free case consultations. Our office line is 813 830 2261. Good luck.

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There is a no so lengthy procedure to Expunge. The fee per attorney can vary. $2,000 seems a bit high, but shop around.


We do seal/expunge for significantly less.

Call around is the best advice you can get. Also, if you really want to save money, do it yourself.

Call Florida Department of Law Enforcement Seal/Expunge division and ask for their package.


An expungement does not require legal counsel but I would suggest that it would be much easier to navigate with the assistance of an attorney. That said I agree with my colleagues that $2000 is on the high side of what an attorney charges for an expungement. There are tangible costs associated with the case of roughly $100-$150 and I would suggest that attorney's fees should be somewhere around $1000-$1500 on average. I recommend hiring a lawyer located in the county where the case originated as they'll be best able to assist you in getting the case expunged. If the case is in Central Florida I'd be happy to help. Otherwise I have no doubt you'll be able to find a well-qualified lawyer based in the county where the case originated that can take care of this.

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Seems a bit pricey. It's not all that difficult. It can be done on your own but its always best to have an attorney do it.

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That is pricey! We offer free consultations, just call us at (407)894-0052. Talk to a few attorneys. I have seen people try to do this themselves, but I've never seen anyone pull it off

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