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How to drop a pfa?

Bloomsburg, PA |

I went and signed off on my pfa last wednesday. I called the court house today to see where it was at. They told me that the special master has it now and doesnt know when he will get to it. My question is how long can he keep it and can he keep this pfa active? There is no evidence of abuse expect he said, she said. I thank you for answering my question and hope that you can help me.

I also live in Pennsylvania

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Your question is somewhat vague. If, when you filed your PFA, it was heard by a Master and granted you should have received a temporary PFA along with a hearing date for the full PFA. If you have such a hearing date, you MUST appear in Court and advise the Court you wish to withdraw your PFA. Ordinarily they will let you do that. There may be local rules that permit you to accomplish this differently, you should call your local court administrator's office for more details.

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