How to dispute DNA Analysis results in an attempted murder case?

Asked almost 2 years ago - Van Nuys, CA

DNA Analysis results were received for my husband's attempted murder case that show that a knife found on my husband has the victim's blood. In the analysis it was stated that it was his blood s, but in a small clause there was an Allele found that gives a small percentage that this blood was not the victim's or my husband's. Could this small percentage be used to dispute the results of the report. Could the combination of the absence of the victim at prelim and trail with the percentage of the DNA not being the victim's on the weapon help my husband's , or from the DA moving forward with the case? We are still waiting to set prelim. A footprint analysis was done, a discovery for its results was submitted, but we are still waiting for the results. Should we cont. to wait or set prelim

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    Answered . Get an attorney. DNA is highly specialized. You will need experts. You need to work with the pD this case..

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    Answered . His attorney can't advise him either way the analysis is finished. It sounds like he has an attorney so he needs to follow that person's direction. Also, blood on the knife is only one factor in the case. There are other defenses regardless if blood is on a knife.

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    Answered . Your husband's attorney would have to consult with a DNA expert in order to answer those questions.

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    Answered . Continue to wait. You need a specialized DNA expert. You also should consider hiring private counsel. You need to be fully prepared at Prelim for an Attempted Murder. Contact me below for a consultation.

    Seth Weinstein, Esq.
    Southern California Criminal Defense Attorney
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