How to dispute a doctors bill?

Asked about 2 years ago - Memphis, TN

How do you defend against a doctor bill dispute? I know when you don't pay they send it to collections, but how do you dispute the bill if the doctor doesn't take you to court? There's got to be something in place to let people dispute their bills without it going to collections then on your credit just because the doctor says you owe something.

I've already called and talked to a couple different people at the office.

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The last person I spoke with had made a statement of It's just XX amount, just go ahead and pay it. I had to then explain again that I wasn't going to pay it because I didn't owe it. I told the office person that we need to go before a judge and let him decide. They said they wouldn't take me to court over it that they'd just send it to collections.

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  1. Robert Nance Nicholson


    Contributor Level 5

    Answered . This question would be better answered by one of the collections attorneys, but if you legitimately dispute that you own the money, you need to make that clear in response to any collection agency contact. You should respond in writing to the collection attempt specifically disputing the bill and keep a copy of the letter. You should also consult with an attorney who handles collection issues as they may send a letter the doctor and collection agency demanding proof of the debt.

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