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How to dismiss "Assault 4th degree" charge?

Redmond, WA |

I argued with my wife, and my wife wants to get out of apartment. I locked the door. She wants to jump from the balcony. Our apartment is in level2. So I grabbed her and returned to the living room. She got a pen and tried to use it to stab her neck, and then I grabbed that pen. She eaten a small plastic of cup, I took that cup out from her mouth, in this process my hand touched her face (my wife think I slapped her). Then cops came in and arrested me.
In the police station, I am scared, so I just told police, I hold on my wife, but I don’t slap her.But I think my wife told police, I hold her and slap her.

Inquisitor filed a charge “Assault 4th” for me. I want to know how to dismiss this case, because I don’t want to hurt my wife, just want to stop her self-destruction. What can I do?

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Whenever you're charged with a crime you should get an attorney. There are many attorneys here that work with people charged with Assault 4, or you can get a public defender.

At this time you need to let the process run its course. Don't talk about the facts of the case. Don't talk to your wife and don't talk to the prosecutor. Work with your attorney and show up for every court date. I know it's a stressful time but your chances for a good resolution go way up if you work with your lawyer. Good luck.

If and until you and I sign an Agreement for Legal Services, I am not your attorney. These answers are provided for informational and/or novelty purposes.


"Inquisitor filed a charge" does not sound like what a native-born US citizen would say. If you are not a US citizen, you face immigration problems. A person who is not a US citizen is subject to deportation from the US if the person is convicted of or plead guilty to a crime involving domestic violence against the person's spouse.

"I argued with my wife, and my wife wants to get out of apartment. I locked the door." may be effect for you to be convicted of some crime. You likely do not have any lawful authority to lock your wife in.

If you are low income by local standard, you are entitled to be appointed a public defender who is an attorney paid by the government. You will need to apply for a public defender at the court that is hearing your case.

You should stop discussing the details of the situation with anyone, including your wife, except your attorney. Anyone one else, but your attorney, may not have a legal basis to refuse to testify as to what you say. Other persons, besides attorneys, have a confidential privilege. In WA, there is no spousal privilege in cases in which one spouse is the alleged victim of the other spouse.

You should promptly review your specific facts with your attorney to find out what your legal options may be.


It is imperative that you obtain an experienced criminal defense lawyer to represent you. That person can investigate the case and prepare a defense for you.

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