How to determine which judge it is for domestic violence at the Nevada Superior Court

I have a hearing far away from me and I need to respond by sending a report to the judge, but I do not know the name of the judge. In my case access, I do not see a name, but there is section which says Judge3, Dept.3. So I guess the judges are given numbers and departments of their own. I've never been at a hearing so this is all new to me. my question is, I need to send the report tomorrow, but how can I find out the name of that "Judge 3". Also, is there only one address for the Superior court...basically do I just send my report to the judge by simply writing the main address of the court and the name of the judge OR each departments have their own addresses. Should I send this 1st to the clerk who will then hand it to the judge. This is emergency and need the judge to review it soon

Nevada City, CA -

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Alexander Tucker Jones

Alexander Tucker Jones

Family Law Attorney - San Francisco, CA

If you want the judge to hear facts based on your personal knowledge you need to file a declaration (See California Judicial Counsel Form CM-030) and serve it on the other side. If you want the judge to look at a document you need to bring the document to court and try to move it into evidence. The document would almost certainly be hearsay, so, I would read California Code of Evidence 1200. (If the report is going to come into evidence it will probably come in under 1270 through 1280)

Sarah Jeannette Arnott

Sarah Jeannette Arnott

Domestic Violence Lawyer - San Francisco, CA

I am unable to find any information for you regarding which Judge is assigned to Department 3. Department 3, the Family Law Department, is located in the Nevada City Historical Courthouse and Annex which is located at 201 Church St, Nevada City, CA 95959. I would mail your response to that address, to the attention of the Family Law Clerk, Attention: Department 3.

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