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How to deal with child support summon from a non partner (possible fraud)

Chicago Heights, IL |
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I received a summons in person from state 12/26/2011 on a case to confirm fatherhood.
Person claimed pregnancy 4 months to another prior to meeting me.Baby born 5/2011.
communicated after baby.I stopped 7/2011. this filed 10/2011.I feel she might have applied for some kind of financial assistance and used my name.

1 week relations with no proof of couple.Summons does not say anything about filing an answer.BUT SHOULD I?appear Markham cook county court even thought the state.
It is claiming filing appearance is $206.00.How do i handle?Can i file answer where the case is? I dont have the finance for this.She had my plate ran to do this because we had no personal relation.

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Listen very carefully, if you don't defend yourself, under Illinois' Parentage Laws, you will be declared the father - EVEN IF YOU ARE NOT. You will have a child support order entered against you, if you miss 90 days worth of payments they suspend your license. Miss more than that, and the sheriff will find you and take you to jail until you pay. Again, if they declare you the father because you "no-showed," you will not be able to undo that after 30 days. Not even being able to raise johnny Cochran from the dead as your attorney will save you.

Do I have your attention? Good.

Beg, borrow, work, or whatever - but understand this: You are on trial for your life, and if you don't take that seriously, your life will forever be ruined. Too many people ignore parentage summons, get cuffed, and add to our already overcrowded jail populations.

Owing arrears bars you from most city, county and state employment opportunities. It will go on a background check that a prospective employer might run. In short, it will destroy any chance of you actually working something more than a minimum wage job.

Man up, because until you deal with this, it's on like Donkey Kong.

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UMM.i am very aware of the out comes.I did not say i will ignore or have attempted to ignore.I simply asked what options can i take as far as filing an ANSWER form,etc.

David Matthew Gotzh

David Matthew Gotzh


Go to the Markham clerks office, ask them for a carbon copy blank answer form, and a 298 waiver. Good luck.



Never seen such a open minded attorney. May santa get you a bmw for Christmas. I was able to get the answer from their site but had no idea about the waiver.Wish i studied law instead of being a dumb dj.Thank u



Results were negative.I guess she was hoping against hope.More than likely she either thought i was good financial gain, or she couldn't find the real father.

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