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How to collect the judgement from a corporation?

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We got a judgement in small claims court against a corporation. They havent paid us and they are very well in business doing great. Just dont want to pay what they owe to us. Now How do we collect the judgement of 4K.? Thanks.

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  1. If you know where they have a bank account you obtain a writ of execution and have it seved on the bank. Execution is not an easy procedure but many courts have programs to help you understand how to do it.

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  2. Counsel is correct, you need to obtain a write of execution and it served on the specific bank in question. Good luck!

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  3. I agree with my colleagues. Obtaining a writ of execution and subsequently serving a notice of levy on the bank is your best option. If you cannot otherwise determine where the corporation banks, you may conduct a debtor examination, where you are able to ask the question.

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  4. Here's an article I wrote on collecting small claims judgments in California:

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  5. Levy on a bank account.
    Put a keeper in the place of business.
    Levy upon personal property at the place of business.
    Levy on vehicles.

    Remember, a corporation is not entitled to the personal exemptions that would apply to a natural person.

  6. 1. Record an abstract of judgment if you think they may own buildings/land

    2. File with the secretary of state (the forms are on their web site)

    3. Check the secretary of state's web site to be sure they are still an active corporation. If there are issues there, order the records from the secretary of state. You may need to amend the judgment ot include the latest shell. This is a bit trickey but if they were doing business as the corporation after they corporation ceased to exist you may be able to do it.

    4. If you know where they bank, call your sherrif and ask what you need to do to levy the bank accounts. Procedures vary by sherrif's dept.

    5. Get them ordered to appear at an order of examination. THis is a little expensive. You have to get the documents personally served by a process server. Give yourself lots of time for this !!
    You will also need a court reporter. be sure to send a subpoena for financial documents along with the OEX paperwork. You need both. Get the judge to order turn over of assets at the OEX. Find out who their best customer is and do an OEX on that customer and a subpoena callign for their records of what they owe the company and get the judge to order that it be turned over. Good luck!

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