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How to collect fee for self, (3rd disinterested party), when dividing up unclaimed property of deceased amongst heirs?

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I have a close friend who found about $700 in unclaimed moneys (thru Texas Unclaimed Property) that belonged to his deceased grandfather. I, as 3rd disinterested party, have spent hrs and money on research and documents to help claim said property. Legally, it's to be divided 1/3 to son, 1/3 to daughter, and 1/6 to each of two grandchildren, whom's mother is deceased . Most of family is estranged, and it will be difficult to collect my 15% fee, plus expenses, from each person. The comptrollers office said they need all persons addresses to send out each person's check, so they will receive their free money and not bother with paying me. Is there a way to have my fee cut from the top and sent to myself; and how?

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This is simple. No. You don't get a fee, not off the top or otherwise. What makes you think you get a 15% fee> Did you have a contract with every heir in which they all agreed to pay this fee? No, of course you didn't.

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If you have a contract, even a verbal agreement, with one of the heirs to perform the search, then you may be able to recover from that person. But you will not be able to get anything from the people who were not part of the deal you made.

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