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How to cash a check made out to a business that is now closed

Atlanta, GA |
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After 4 years I finally received a settlement check from a class action lawsuit for which a business I owned was a plaintiff. The business has since closed and the corporation disolved. I am wondering how I can cash this check (made out to the business.)

I contacted the law firm a few years ago when the business was going to close and requested that they list me personally as the plaintiff and send all future correspondence to my home address. They didn't fully comply with my request. The check is made out as follows:

Pay to the order of:
Business Name, Inc.
ATTN: My Personal Name
My Personal Address

I have not yet contacted the law firm requesting a new check as I suspect they have little incentive to get the money into my hands now that the corp. entity is gone. I also have not yet questioned my bank on whether they will let me cash it since it does have my personal name and address on it. The check is a little less than $2000 so it may not be worth hiring an attorney to deal with it as the expense of the attorney might eat up most of the settlement.

I am wondering what my options may be to cash the check. Any advice would be greatly appreciated before I embark on a random plan of trial and error.


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The best thing to do is probably to go down to your local bank, where your account is, and explain the situation and ask for their suggestion. What the bank is willing to do may or may not be what the law would technically require. Although the law may be different in your state, since you owned the business, you might be able to simply endorse it like this: "Pay to the order of [your name]" and under that write "Business Name, Inc., by [your name], President [or whatever corporate position you held with the company]. If all else fails, cal your local attorney Bar Association and ask for a referral to an attorney who knows "check cashing" law.

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