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How to bring a spouse on a green card ?

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I am from Nepal and got my green card last year and I am planning to go to my Nepal and get married this year but I was wondering how can I can sponsor her to USA in a green card. How long it will her come here ??

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It all depends how fast you want her in the US. If money is no object but speed of reunification is the main objective, then file for a fiancée visa (6 months). Otherwise the whole thing could take up to a year and a half.

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Come back from Nepal. File I-130, cooperate with the US government at all levels they might ask for, wait about three years and meet the spouse at the airport in one of the Americana cities of your choice.

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You can go with either Attorney Behar's advice and file a fiancé petition for which she will come to the US and you two will get married if as he stated money is not an issue but speed is the main objective, or with attorney Segal's advice and file an I-130 after you marry her if it is the other way around.

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You could file after getting married (no fiancee visa for permanent residents). Processing guess is about 6-7 months at current but could changeanytime.

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She will get her green card while she is doing her visa interview or she have to file once she came over here in US ? Also she can apply her visa process in Nepal right ?

Lalita Haran

Lalita Haran


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